Flutopian Reflections is a creative exploration into unusual flutes and wind instruments from around the world, with field recorded nature sounds....relax and be taken to a really nice zone for a while!


Prayers from Tibet is a collaboration with Tibetan vocalist and singing bowl exponent, Thinley Tsering....it is a series of sacred Tibetan chants set to original music, as well as didgeridoo and singing bowls.....takes you into a sacred zone if you want.....





  • Presented Indonesian Music and Mask Dance at the Chinatown Multicultural Fest in Fortitude Valley

  • Performed with OzIndia duo, promoting friendship between Australia and India combining unusual wind instruments with Indian Tabla drums

  • Toured Schools in NSW and QLD with “Colours of the World” multicultural programs in Schools

  • Performed at the Australian National Gallery with the “Life is a work of Art”performance directed by Liz Lea and the Canberra Dance Theatre.


​Previous to 2013

  Presented Sumatran and Balinese Flute music at the Woodford Folk Festival, also combining on Native American            Flute with Japanese Shamisen sensation, Noriko Tadano.

    Performed with Taiko ensemble Batari at the Mary River Festival, Gympie

      Presented Multi-instrumental music at Kenmore Montessori School.

         Played multi-instrumental music show at the Ananda Mela Festival, Stanthorpe.


  • Performed Balinese music and Dance at the Woodford Folk Festival with Gamelan Giri jaya, as well as spontaneous shows around the festival.

  • Played world flutes and jaw harps with Batari Contemporary Taiko ensemble for the Lake event at the QLD Multicultural Festival.

  • Presented music for Dragon Dance event at the Mary River Festival in Gympie.

  • Will be collaborating with Japanese Shamisen Artist Noriko Tadano at the Woodford Folk Festival ‘09

  • Created video with Red White Dance theatre in Indonesia using contemporary music on ancient instruments with Javanese Contemporary Dance.



  • Performance of “The Eagle and the Serpent” a musical project exploring universals in Mythology, with Colombian artist Jorge Rico et al at the Qld Multicultural Festival.

  • Also at Qld Multicultural Festival, performance of didjeridu with Indian Classical music accompanying Indian Classical singer  Rahim Zullah and Tabla player Dheeraj Shresta.



Recordings & C o n c e r t s